Popular Company Party Prize Ideas

    When it comes to giving away prizes at company parties, the prizes should be well-thought out and should motivate employees to compete for prizes. Giving away prizes at your next company party is a fun way to keep things interactive whilst providing employees with the opportunity to win! I have come up with a list of some of the best and most popular prize ideas for company parties:

    Cash: Cash is one of those things that can never be undervalued and is always much appreciated.

    Paid-Time Off: The prize of PTO is one of the best prizes anyone can receive, because let’s face it, who doesn't want the day off every once in a while! Another term you could use for this one is “mental health day.” Granting people a certificate to take a mental health day is also a very beneficial to both company and employee; employees work best when mentally present!

    Gift Certificates: This is a where the creativity kicks in! Gift cards ranging anywhere from a spa treatment, hotel stay, or for car detailing can all be seen as desirable items! Account for who your employees are and what are some of their general interests in addition to noting where your company is located and what kinds of services local vendors offer.

    Chocolates: Who doesn’t like chocolate?

    Electronics: Prizes such as cameras, televisions, mP3 players and more are great items to win, people always have use for electronics or an upgrade on their current electronic device!

    Gift Baskets: Gift baskets filled with goodies are great prizes! Giving each gift basket a creative theme like “Movie Night” or “The Ultimate Date” and filling them with valuable and fun items that they will enjoy such as restaurant gift certificates or all the goodies for an at-home movie night.

    Weekend Getaway: Providing an all expense paid weekend away is an awesome prize! Choose a desirable location that offers fun activities like wine tasting, hiking, or just all-together stunning views. People will not be sorry if they walk away with a great prize such as a weekend to Napa Valley or Skiing trip to Sun Valley! 

    At the end of the party, people are walking away with more than they came in with, and if they did not when a prize, it sparked a motivation to return to the next company party in hopes of winning the great prizes you offered!