Tips for Throwing a Mother-Son School Dance Event

    We've all heard of the traditional Father/ Daughter Dance, right? But what about the mother-son school dance? Events that feature mother and son are highly overlooked. Finding one on one time with your child is challenging when you're a busy parent, yet It's important to spend quality time together. What better way for a mom to spend time with her son than a mother-son school dance?

    Now, one might say, "But it's much easier to take little girls to a dance than little boys!" And rightly so. Dressing up for a dance with mom may not be their scene. This is where brilliant planning comes into play. Boys have different tastes! So why not cater to that taste? You can give the moms a chance to relax and bond with their sons without requiring that everyone dress to the nines and break out the ballroom dance moves.

    Tips & Tricks for a Successful & Fun Mother-Son Dance

    1. Pick a Great Venue Suited for Mother-Son School Dance

    First, you really must find a great venue that is suitable for all of the activities that will take place during the mother-son dance event. Whether you plan to invite a large group of moms or a simple gathering of close friends, having the proper space is super important. Country clubs, dance venues, even private residences with large open spaces are best for this kind of event, especially if you are involving a group of boys of varying age ranges. Boys can be tricky. They can be extra competitive, they need space to run around, and they can be sensitive to events that may make them feel uncool, and let's face it Mother's Day activities can feel a bit, well...girly. You've got to have a variety of activities to appeal to both mom and son. Your venue should Ideally have a dance floor and a great space for dining. A huge bonus? If it has some space outdoors for outdoor games.

    2. Play Energetic Music

    For a large group be sure to have a great DJ. This really is second only to finding the proper venue as the DJ will make or break your event. The DJ sets the tone for the whole event. We've all seen that totally lame, out-of-touch DJ who tries to get people involved and instead ends up alienating the guests and leaving them secretly wishing he would just stop talking. But seriously, in any city, and especially in NYC, LA, and San Fran, there are some amazing DJs out there who provide much more than cheesy antics, background music, and pop slow dance songs. Shop around with your local party planner and make sure the DJ you pick gets your crowd.

    3. Get Catering

    Buffet style is best for a large crowd, be sure to include healthy items for moms and simple food for the boys. Separate the kid food from the adult food on separate tables. Burgers, fries, fruit platters, all work well for the kids and have a variety of healthy choices for moms on a separate table. Of course, don't forget the dessert! Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fountains, tarts, cupcakes, and ice cream are all great treats

    4. Schedule Activities & Entertainment

    Have a plan with many options so there are plenty of choices for all ages. With a room full of boys, planning a good solid schedule is helpful to create some structure. Boys love competition, team games and contests are sure to be a hit.

    5. Get a Photo Booth

    This is fun for everyone and it makes for great memorabilia! Mom's and son's both will have a blast dressing up and taking pics.

    6. Set Up a Video Game Station

    Let's face it..boys love video games. It's a perfect way to keep them occupied and give the mom's a breather to catch up with each other, definitely limit it and have other options so they aren't glued to them all night, it's a good idea to start the night with this as people are arriving, then bring in the more interactive activities once all of the guests have arrived.

    7. Don’t Forget a Crafts Table

    When dealing with all ages, crafts are a great activity to keep boys busy and create something to cherish at home for mom. It's nice to have this set up ahead of time for people to come and go as they please. For a large crowd, it's best to have an attendant so you don't rely on moms to have to monitor it. After all, they should be enjoying their special night. What a nice surprise to have their son give this new treasure to them at the event? Choose age-appropriate crafts for your crowd. You could go with silly peel and stick sunglasses decorating, or fun classy mother-son crafts like these pandas made from shells, or more simple decorations that will look elegant at the party and in the house.

    8. Have Games That Include Both The Mom and Son

    This night is about mother-son bonding, so you need plenty of fun, engaging activities that the mom and her son can do together. Keep it nice but casual. Active games are best! Let those boys burn off their energy! Be sure moms know not to wear their evening gowns and heels. Don't be afraid to incorporate competitions, sports games, relay races, as well as traditional dancing and dance contests!

    9. Give Out Prizes & Goodie Bags After The Mother-Son School Dance

    Don't forget about prizes and goodie bags! Moms can go home with a bottle of champagne, a gift basket, favorite makeup, spa gift certificates, or a bouquet of flowers. Boys can go home with age-appropriate goodie bags and prizes as well. A well-planned, fun-filled Mother/ Son is an amazing way to celebrate Mother's Day weekend in style.

    Set Your Mother-Son Dance Event Up For Success!

    By following these tips, you are sure to throw an event that both the mothers and sons will enjoy! Have you thrown a successful mother-son school dance in the past? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!


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    Author: The EventUp Team