Tips for Throwing a Children's Birthday Party

    We all know how rowdy kids can get, especially in a large group surrounded by their friends. Children's parties can get out hand very easily, so we compiled some tips to help keep the party fun and tantrum-free!

    Fun Games

    Kids can get rambunctious if they are not being constantly entertained. Prevent boredom and potential tantrums by having plenty of games. Games are a great way to keep the kids busy and give the parents a chance to mingle and relax. Some interactive games that don’t require any additional purchases are limbo, musical chairs, and Simon says. Races and competitions are another great way to keep the kids busy and happy. Some simple races are an egg race, sack race, wheelbarrow race, and dance competition. All of these games are sure to keep kids entertained and tantrum-free.


    We all know how picky little kids can be about food. With kids, food is best when simple. Play it safe and stick to traditional party food like hot dogs and hamburgers. What kid doesn’t love a good barbeque? Kids can get rowdy and impatient if they have to sit down through a long meal. Set up a buffet table and let the kids come and eat as they please. This not only ensures that kids will be nice and full, but is easy and a simple crowd pleaser. For grilling tips and tricks check out TLC Cooking.

    Video Scrapbook

    Video scrapbooks can be used in two different ways at children’s birthdays parties. You can prerecord friends and families doing interviews and sending birthday wishes to the birthday boy or girl before the party and have a special screening during the party, or you can do it there. If you don’t have time to prerecord the interviews, you can do them at the birthday party and just keep the footage as a reminder of the special day. This way you can include the birthday girl or boy in the film and have memories of how fun the party was. This is usually a parental pleaser, but will be very sentimental for the birthday child in the future.


    Party Favors

    Turn party favors into a fun craft for the kids. Set up a table with bags or boxes to decorate and plenty of craft supplies. This way you save time on having to do it yourself and let the kids have fun doing crafts. Once they have decorated their container, fill it with goodies such as candy or cake pops and whatever little gifts you previously prepared. The kids will be proud of their masterpiece and take it home with their fun treats!

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