Top 10 Adult Party Games

    Hosting a party for you and your friends? Break away from the ordinary party banter and keep them entertained with some fun party games! Whether your group is full of couples or a bunch of singles looking to mingle, these games are sure to keep everyone entertained and keep the party going!

    #10. Famous Couples - Create a list of famous couples and cut out each name individually. As guests arrive, tape a single name on the person's back.  Throughout the night, guests can only ask yes or no questions about their identity to find out who is taped to their back.  The goal is for guests to eventually find their match and is a great way to avoid an awkward start to your party!

    #9. Taboo - No, not the board game...the drinking game! At the beginning of the party, hand each guest an index card with a common action, word or phrase that is guaranteed to be said or done by guests during the party. Each guest should have a different word or action. Each time another guest acts out a particular action or says the word, the guest with that index card must shout "Taboo" and whoever performed the action must drink.  Some examples include looking in the mirror, saying "I don't know" or even mentioning "Beer".  This is a great game that still allows guests to mingle while having fun.

    #8. Boxers or Briefs - This game has been out for a while but is little known despite it's hilarity. Think of it as the adult version of Apples to Apples.  You'll have a great time asking each other outrageous questions and learning some interesting facts about your guests.

    #7. Charades - Nothing is more entertaining than watching your friends attempt to act, let alone without speaking! Have a bowl full of slips of paper with different movies, phrases, sports and activities and divide your guests into two teams. If there's lots of couples, mix it up by teaming up the girls against the guys and have a battle of the sexes. Each team takes turns while one player acts out the given phrase, etc. and the rest of the teammates try to guess correctly. Whichever team guesses the most correct wins.

    #6. Pictionary - Like Charades, have a bowl prepared with slips of various people, places, phrases, etc. You will aslo need a a note pad and a timer. Divide your guests into two teams and have them take turns drawing and guessing what an individual teammate is drawing before one minute runs out. Party tip: Instead of a small note pad, have a large one on an easel so the entire party can see what's being drawn and stays involved

    #5. Spin the Bottle - Don't worry, this isn't the version you played when you were sixteen! Mix up some flavored shots and arrange them in a circle.  Place an empty bottle in the middle and have each guest take a spin. The delicious shots will be a fun way to break the ice!

    #4. Cranium - Have a tough crowd to please? This board game has something for everyone! Cranium combines charades, pictionary, and Trivial Pursuit all in one. Your guests will be engaged and entertained the entire time so it's a guaranteed to be a hit!

    #3. Two Truths and a Lie - Have your guests sit in a circle and each one think of two truths and one lie about themselves.  Take turns going around the circle and stating outrageous truths and some what believable lies as the other guests discuss which statement is the least likely to be true.

    #2. Jenga - Mix up the traditional game by numbering each wooden block 1 through 10.  Create a different rule for each number. Don't be afraid to be creative! If you need an ice breaker, create rules that require guests to tell embarrassing stories about themselves that spark conversation. Want to make things really interesting? Turn it into a drinking game with rules like 1 - take a drink, 2 - take two drinks, 3 - pick someone to drink and so on.

    #1. Bite the Bag - This game has the same concept as limbo - how low can you go? Place a tall paper bag in front of each guest and ask them to bend down and pick it up with their mouth with their hands behind their back.  Seems easy right? After each round, fold down the top of the bag making it smaller each round. Still seem too easy? Players are not allowed to have any part of their bodies touching the ground except their feet. Play this one after Spin the Bottle or Taboo to make the game even more entertaining!

    Do you know of any great adult party games? Tell us your top ten adult party games by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook and Twitter!