Top 10 Adult Party Games & Activities

    While some normal activities are limited at the moment due to COVID-19, there is much fun to be had within your own home with a group of friends, all who are safely coronavirus free, of course. If you’re looking for a roundup list of the top adult party games and activities to play with your friends, then you are in the right place. Try out a game from the list below, and you are sure to have some laughs and fun along the way.


    1. 1. Cards Against Humanity

    2. The popular (and somewhat crude) game of Cards Against Humanity has been a hit over the past few years because it is guaranteed to bring laughs to the room. The original game can be purchased for $25 with everything you need to play. Since the game has become such a hit, the brand has extended into different add-on categories that you can add into the original game set, ranging from 2000s nostalgia pack, pride pack, theatre pack, college pack, and so on. Make sure you understand your audience before pulling out the black box of cards, but it is definitely a fun game for you and your friends.


    2. 2. Heads Up

    3. All you need to play Heads Up is a smartphone with the app downloaded on it and you’ll be good to go. To play Heads Up, one person who is the guesser holds the phone on their forehead with the game screen facing outwards. The rest of the group then has to describe or act out whatever word, phrase, person, or item is displayed on the screen. The only rule is that the group cannot say the actual word. The guesser then flips the phone up once guessed correctly, or down if he or she is stuck and needs a new word. There is a wide variety of game themes on the app, and even better - the phone records a funny video of the group frantically describing the word to the guesser to watch at the end.
    6. 3. Picolo

      1. Picolo is another game that requires a smartphone with the Picolo app. It also requires a full beverage (normally alcoholic) for every participant. To play the game, one person types every participant's name into the app, and then the app will give instructions from there. Essentially, the app will call out specific people and direct them to answer questions or do something silly, and if the chosen individual fails to do so, then he or she must drink. This is definitely a crowd-pleasing game for a young and eagerly-drinking crowd.
    9. 4. Voting Game

      1. The Voting Game is another fun card game that would be nice to have on hand to play with a smaller group of people. Essentially, every participant will get a card with a number on it that is supposed to be the number representing each individual in the game. For example, I will be number three. Then, one person deals a topic card, and the rest of the group has to decide which person most closely resonates with the topic, behavior, or question of the round. If the majority puts in the number three, then that means the group thinks I fit the description, and I win the round. The topics vary but are sure to give many laughs to the group.
    12. 5. Beer Olympics

      1. A Beer Olympics tournament may take a little planning ahead of time for your group, but it is definitely worth it. Divide your friends into different teams, and have every team pick a country to represent during the Beer Olympics. Team members should come prepared dressed in the colors of their chosen country to enhance the experience! Then, plan out a series of events that every team will compete in, create a bracket, and play until an Olympic winner is declared. Some common Beer Olympics games may include Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Dizzy Bat, Quarters, and a relay race.
    15. 6. Reality TV Drinking Games

      1. It seems like when the Bachelor or Bachelorette premieres, there are many groups of friends gathered together for “watch parties” where they play a drinking game according to what happens on the show. This could be done for a reality TV show, song, movie - essentially anything your group is watching. Plan ahead of time and create rules that instruct you to “drink every time X person says X line” in the show, and so on.
    18. 7. House Bar Crawl

      1. If you miss going out to bars and restaurants like normal, then create your own “bar crawl” in your own home. Put each guest in charge of planning out a certain beverage (and even accompanying snack), so that there is an array of drinks to try. Then, set up each drink or “bar” in different rooms of your home, creating the effect that you are hopping from bar to bar. Come get your pina colada in the kitchen, followed by a mojito in the living room, and a margarita with chips + guac in the dining room!
    21. 8. Never Have I Ever

      1. No equipment is necessary for this game, except the 10 fingers on your hands. To play the game, every participant starts with 10 fingers raised. Then, someone starts by saying a statement that they have never done before, for example, “never have I ever gotten a tattoo.” The rest of the group then hears the statement and puts one finger down if it's something they have done, or keeps their fingers up if they have not done it. Never Have I Ever is surely a way to quickly learn some fun facts about the rest of the group.
    24. 9. Truth or Dare

      1. A classic game that can be fun to play, just like when we were all kids. An extension of the game could be “Truth or Dare or Drink”, adding a consequence if anyone fails to complete their task. Truth or Dare can be another fun way to learn some new facts about your group.
    27. 10. Fishbowl

      1. If you want a game that combines elements of taboo and charades into one game, then play Fishbowl! The group is divided into two teams, every participant writes a word or phrase on a piece of paper, and then tosses them into a bowl (hence the name, fishbowl). The first round of the game follows the rules of taboo - meaning one teammate picks a piece of paper, and the other teammates can use as many words to describe what it says as possible without using the actual phrase. The second round of the game only allows you to use one word when guessing the paper. The final round follows the rules of charades, and only actions can be used to explain the phrase. The same phrases are used throughout the entire game, so it is important to pay attention during all turns and rounds in order for your team to come out as the winner. 
    Author: Rachel Calkins