Wedding Venues in Atlanta with Southern Charm

    Considering tying the knot in Atlanta? Luckily, you’ll have an array of beautiful, historical, and unique venues to choose from. Whether you are from Atlanta or just looking for a way to bring some southern charm to your nuptials, it’s a destination that will provide a welcoming and hospitable feel for your family and friends. We’ve put together a list of wedding venues that are dripping with southern charm and while being a great place to get married, have the added benefit of being a stunning backdrop for your big day!!


    The Estate, Atlanta, GA - EventUp

    A stunning, full-service venue in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead district, this 1797 mansion has all the southern personality you'd hope for.  Enjoy eight custom-designed rooms of all sizes, a breathtaking enclosed glass sun-porch, a spacious ballroom, and two wine cellars. This historic mansion is an icon of sheer elegance and will add the touch of southern charm to your wedding day needs.  Get A Quote From EventUp Here


    Rhodes Hall, Atlanta, GA - EventUp

    For those looking to add some southern charm to their fairy tale wedding, try Rhodes Hall. Known as the “Castle on Peachtree”, you’ll enjoy features like a tower, stained glass windows looking over a grand mahogany staircase, and an ornate parlor. While a unique venue for your wedding, it’s also full of history and has been an Atlanta landmark for generations. Having your wedding here is just the beginning of your happily ever after. Get A Quote From EventUp Here



    The Wimbish House, Atlanta, GA - EventUp


    Located in Midtown, the Wimbish House is home to all the historical features that will give you the feel of a dreamy wedding with the allure of old-world touches. Some exquisite architectural details include a graceful, curved staircase into the main grand parlor, a covered veranda, and a restored 1920’s ballroom. Your guests will love that it is also located conveniently near hotels, parking facilities, and public transportation. If a venue with convenience and beauty is on your wedding checklist, look no further. Get A Quote From EventUp Here



    The Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, GA - EventUp

    If you’re looking to add some glamor to your Southern-charm wedding, the Georgian Terrace Hotel is where you will find it. Having hosted some of the most luxurious celebrations, this iconic venue is the epitome of Southern heritage and charm. With three ballrooms, a private tavern, and catered first-class dining your wedding will be sure to be remembered for years to come by you and your guests. Get A Quote From EventUp Here



    The Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta, GA - EventUp

    Last, but certainly not least on our list, is the Biltmore Ballrooms. The ballrooms were constructed in 1924, and while they have since gone through a major renovation, the iconic and beautiful features are still a focus, including Tennessee marble floors, restored crystal chandeliers, and original handcrafted plaster relief ceilings. A spectacular venue for your wedding, you’ll have your pick of two of the best ballrooms (each with its own class and charm) the South has to offer. Your guest will mix and mingle in a historic space where many have been celebrating for decades. Get A Quote From EventUp Here.


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    Author: Rachel Mazzola