What Makes the Perfect Neighborhood Bar?

    Are you lucky to know of a perfect neighborhood bar where you just love to grab a few drinks with the locals, your friends, or people from work? I bet your local bar has some common attributes that keep the regulars coming. It is ultimately the bar’s character and hospitality that make it the ideal place for you to stop by for a casual drink and connect with your community. If you are looking for a great nearby pub, we got some things to look for. Get ready to pull up your stool, order your favorite drink, and mix with the locals. 


    Top Neighborhood Bar Necessities

    #1 Your tab is reasonable 

    We love that a casual bar in your area will be unpretentious and welcoming. A top reason a local bar becomes your favorite is, let’s face it, reasonably priced drinks. If you are going to frequent this bar, you expect a fair bill.

    #2 It’s got a comfy, cozy atmosphere

    Many times, the best bars have some ambiance and charm. Often, they are low-lit and their decor is nostalgic. Whether updated or not, they have a clean, warm, and welcoming feeling. Music is also often part of the atmosphere and there are plenty of cozy places to sit back and relax. 

    The Bar Room

    Bar inspiration: Charming old-world decor at The Bar Room, New York City, New York



    #3 The staff knows you

    Your local bar is full of hospitality and is a fun place for everyone in your community. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a bartender who greets you enthusiastically when you come in. It’s always so impressive if they know your name and favorite drink! The best local place has bartenders and staff who are smiling and are willing to strike up a conversation to make you feel appreciated. 

    #4 They make great drinks 

    While your local pub may have fewer craft cocktails, they usually offer a wonderful assortment of options from behind the bar. Some specialize in great local craft beers. Others may specialize in a large whiskey collection. And, some neighborhood establishments carry some wonderful wine selections.

    Nightshift Brewing

    Bar inspiration: Unique craft beers at Night Shift Brewing, Boston, Massachusetts 


    #5 They're a bit eclectic 

    In your fave local watering-hole, you may find things that encourage socializing such as theme nights, trivia, board games, a pay-for-music/jukebox, or even games like pinball.  Basically, the best neighborhood bars have character. And at the end of the day, that's why we love them so. 



    Bar inspiration: Trivia Night at Uproar, Chicago, Illinois



    #6 They can be a hidden gem

    Many times these smaller bars don’t market themselves. You may hear about them either by word of mouth or through a friend. You are truly lucky if you have one of these gems in your area. 


    Ready to find your perfect neighborhood bar?

    Now that you know what to look for, you’ll find the best place to grab a drink!

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    Let us know in the comments below your favorite neighborhood bar!

    Author: Heather Apse