16th Birthday Party Ideas

    Are you planning a sweet sixteen birthday party? Turning sixteen is a big milestone and should be celebrated accordingly! Check out our 16th birthday party ideas and read our tips on how to make your birthday bash unforgettable.

    Create a dessert and treat table. Serve a variety of sweet treats to accommodate all types of tastes. It’s also a nice touch to coordinate your dessert table with your main party colors or theme. Here are some dessert ideas:

    • Yogurt covered pretzels
    • Chocolate covered raisins
    • Cupcakes
    • Cakepops
    • Hershey’s Kisses
    • Sour candy
    • Chocolate covered strawberries

    Set up an area for dining and a dancing space in your event venue. If you’ve decided to rent out an event space to throw your sweet sixteen, you’ll want to set up different areas for dining, dancing, and lounging. Get some comfortable love seats and couches so that your guests have an area to kick back and relax. Also, if you’re planning on serving dinner or cake, then you need a dining area with enough tables and chairs for all your guests. Most of the time if you’re renting an event venue, the venue staff and management can help you with all of these logistics.

    Consider having a fun theme to your party like MAD MEN theme or 80s birthday party theme. Make sure to tell everyone about the theme in advance so they have time to plan their costumes. Then deck out your event space in decoration that go along with your chosen theme. This is a great way to add a little something different to your average party, plus it makes for great photo opps!

    Go all out on the cake. Milestone birthdays should be celebrated with a big cake for the birthday boy or girl. If you love to bake then it’s the perfect opportunity to put your talents to good use. If baking is not your forté then you’ll probably want to talk to a professional baker and cake designer to help you design a unique cake. Think of the individual who is turning sixteen and tailor the cake design to their personality. If she loves hot pink and zebra pattern together for example, you could turn that idea into an awesome birthday cake. Or if it's a young man turning 16 who loves fast cars, then you could make the cake in the shape of a Lamborghini. Tailoring the cake to the personality of the birthday gal or guy will really make it a moment they will never forget.

    Make it a surprise party. Why not make this epic birthday celebration even more exciting by making it a surprise party? If you’ve never planned a surprise party before, just make sure the person having the birthday doesn’t catch on to your plans. That means you have to caution everyone involved to keep their lips sealed and make them promise to keep your plans confidential. Surprise parties take a bit more planning than your average party, but are well worth it in the end!

    Have any other 16th birthday party ideas? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.