9 Unique Graduation Party Ideas To Make Your Grad Feel Special

    It's that time of year where students everywhere are celebrating their last days of school. Graduation season has already begun and we've been searching the hottest trends in party planning to give you some ideas on how to make your graduation party memorable and fun. You'll have your hands full planning the graduation party food and don't forget the party favors for all the grads. The following graduation party ideas are sure to occupy your guests and also allow you to enjoy the party. Check them out!

    Grass Twister
    There will be food and refreshments of course. But what to do in the meantime? As the party gets going, set up a couple of games to keep things lively. Try this grass Twister, easily constructed by simply painting the circles on your lawn, or if a lawn is too scary, grab some astroturf and paint on that!

    You can also set up classic games like horseshoes and host a tournament with prizes. Try these indoor/outdoor horseshoes and set it up anywhere!

    Croquet is another classic that's easy to set up and can be played in bigger teams

    Graduations are a rite of passage. What better way to showcase the growth of the graduate than with lots and lots of pictures? Slideshows are always a big hit at graduation parties, but this season dare to be different. Here are a few ideas to display pictures in new and creative ways!

    Clothespins on Twine
    This is a fun and easy way to maximize those old photos! All you need are some clothes pins and twine or fishing wire.

    Mason Jars
    Mason jars add a bit of rustic style. Display pictures around tables or as centerpieces and pleasantly surprise your guests!

    Fun Frames
    Get creative with this colorful wall framing idea. You can fit more pictures by using the clothespin technique as seen above.

    There's no doubt that graduation party decor is often full of diplomas and graduation caps. Why not mix it up? Use school colors as a theme to decorate, or try some of these quick and easy tricks to turn your grad party into a fully themed affair!

    Streamers on Chairs
    This easy trick makes the party look that much more festive. Use school colors or the graduate's favorite color to decorate tables and chairs

    School Color Balloons
    Balloons are a great decoration for any party. Place them in the entranceway or in other unique locations and use school colors for that special graduate touch.

    Graduation Wreath
    This gorgeous wreath is simply constructed from rolled up book pages, a gorgeous accent for any graduation party.

    Congrats to your graduate! May these fun tricks make for a graduation party they will never forget. Have you tried any of these tricks or have some suggestions? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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