Mid-Week Holidays: When to Have Your Office Party

    In a perfect world all holidays would conveniently fall on Saturdays so that our office parties could happen the day before and end the workweek on a perfect high! Unfortunately, not every holiday follows the same-day-each-year rule that Thanksgiving does.  Here are three things to consider when a holiday falls midweek:

    Not Too Early.

    One of the most important goals of a holiday office party should be for it to actually feel like a holiday! Organizing the festivities too far in advance of the actual holiday, and having it followed by standard workdays can be just plain cruel. Make sure you plan your party no more than four days before to the last day of work before the holiday so that employees feel the spirit. It is already very difficult to resume work as usual when a major holiday is just a few days away, and if an office party has already happened it will be nearly impossible.


    If you are really hoping to get staff buy-in, the easiest way to know what works best for your office is to take a poll. Free online survey generators like Survey Expression and Survey Monkey generate a questionnaire of up to ten questions for free. This can be a creative way to not only find out which day or time to hold the party but you can also poll guests to gauge other important party elements such as theme feedback, food and music preferences, or whether people want to chip in for a gift for the boss. Investigating what your guests want in advance is a surefire way of ensuring great attendance as well as a great time.

    Be Practical.

    If it doesn’t seem like the date of your office party will make a big difference, look into deals. For some event venues, certain days of the week and times of day are more affordable. You may also find that a nice office luncheon instead of an evening affair can save a good amount. Saving a few bucks on venue rental or catering can free up some funds for fun extras to include like creative invitations, staff gifts, elaborate decorations or a larger bar package!

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