6 Cool Ways to Kick Off a Company Meeting

    The next time you’re planning a corporate meeting, why not try and mix things up a little as you start things off to get the creatives ideas flowing? From more traditional ice-breaker games, to something a little different, there are plenty of fun ways to kick off your corporate event and put everyone in a great mood. 


    You could try a trivia quiz in Jeopardy style: separate people into groups and run a competitive quiz, maybe about the city your event is in, or your company. The winners get a bottle of champagne or a guided tour of the city. You could even have an employee act as Alex Trebek!

    Craft Contest
    Get everyone into groups, and try to get everyone to build something together: a Scarecrow, or boat made out of newspaper. Have the groups vote for each other to determine a winner. As it’s summer now, you could suggest that the teams work on designing an umbrella for a patio, or a multi-functional picnic basket.

    Silent Auction

    You ask everyone to bring in an item, and then auction the things off. The proceeds go to charity, and everyone has fun. Win-win!

    Hire a Salsa Band
    Start the event off with an energy-raising performance from a group such as a Salsa band. You could even have somebody to teach employees some basic dances. This will get everyone excited and in a great mood for the coming event.

    Spider Web
    Have everyone sit together in a circle facing each other. Holding a ball of string, have a volunteer tell the group an embarrassing story about themselves. Once they are done talking, hold onto the tip of the string and toss the ball to another person. Continue this process until everyone has told a story and is holding a piece of the string.

    Hero Time
    Have everyone stand up and name someone they admire, and explain why. This gives everyone else an insight into their beliefs and values and is a great way for people to get to know each other.