6 Steps to Planning a Conference

    1) Establish the overall conference objective

    - It is important to make sure this theme stays cohesive throughout the conference. The main goal can get lost in translation with the many decisions that go into plannign a large event. This will affect a lot of the decisions moving forward (ex. type of venue, entertainment, etc.).

    2) Create the budget

    - This should be an all-inclusive budget with the venue space rental, food, drinks, tip, tax, A/V, and furniture. Make sure to stick to this budget because it is so easy to spend more with upcharges and additions to catering.

    3) Choose the venue

    - First, narrow down your options by deciding what type of venue you have in mind (restaurant, ballroom, hotel, loft space, the list goes on). Next, reach out to at least 5 venues that seem ideal so you can compare pricing. For larger conferences you should schedule a walk through for each venue so you can visualize your event in each space before making your decision.

    4) Gather catering quotes

    - The catering order depends a lot on the time of day your event will be held. Ar eyou serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just appetizers? Reach out to multiple caterers and make sure you get quotes from them to ensure you get the best price. Also, be sure to check out the caterer’s reviews on Yelp.

    5) Prepare the conference

    - Arrive to the venue ahead of time to make sure everything is in place and looks just as you had visualized it. You want all of the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted before the conference begins.

    6) Execute the conference program

    - Sit back and relax while all of your hard work and planning unfolds. There might be minor details that you need to monitor throughout the conference, but if you have properly planned you should have minimal worries.