7 Ways To Cut Prices When Planning A Formal Corporate Event

    Going the affordable route when planning your event doesn't mean you have to skimp on class and quality. Here are some money saving tips to help you cut prices when planning a formal corporate event.

    1. Buy silk flowers instead of real ones. Most often, fresh flowers for table centerpieces are thrown out at the end of the event. You can go green and save money by purchasing quality silk flowers that can be reused for future events.

    2. Decorate the place yourself. You don’t need to hire someone to decorate the event venue. Do it yourself! Arrange tables with flowers and candles. Hang banners with the help of a friend or two. You’ll save a bunch of money by not hiring a decorator.

    3. Make the invitations yourself. Printing fancy invitations can become costly quickly. There are plenty of invitation templates you can use for free and print yourself. You could even request the help from someone with great handwriting or a passion for calligraphy to hand write the invitations for you.

    4. Check the dollar store for party favors or donate to charity instead. Definitely check the dollar store for parting gifts for your guests. As an alternative you could also donate to charity and announce it to the guests. This always goes over well and feels better than eating candy.

    5. Hire a caterer that has everything. Ask if they have plates, cups, silverware, serving spoons, napkins, and anything else you may need to serve your guests some food and drinks.

    6. Serve only wine and beer. Serving liquor gets expensive fast. Partly because of all the other juice and soda you need to buy to mix with the hard liquor. Stick to wine and beer only and you will save a ton of money planning your corporate event.

    7. Choose an event space that can cater to the size of your party. As a general rule, the more guests you have, the more costly your party is going to be. Holding your party in a hotel or other professional event space has a lot of benefits. For example, they usually help decorate, can cater well to large groups, and, if you choose a hotel, out-of-town guests can stay in the hotel rooms once the party is over.

    What other money-saving tips do you have? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.