8 Reasons to Host Your Event in DC

    By Mary Abbajay, Featured DC Blogger 

    Looking for a great city in which to host your event? Look no further than Washington, DC, the nation’s capital. Not only is DC one of the most beautiful cities in the country (in my humble opinion), it’s also one of the most event-friendly cities you will find.

    In fact, according to CNBC, DC is the second most popular city in the country for events (Orlando is number one, Vegas is number three) and Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranked DC America’s third best city for overall living (behind San Francisco and Seattle). DC is beautiful, manageable, and offers a host of amenities that make it the perfect venue for your event.

    As a consultant in organizational development and a busy member of many local boards, I attend and host events constantly, and I can attest that DC offers it all. It’s a beautiful, vibrant city that is easy to navigate, with great venues to suit every need. Here are eight reasons why you should host your event in DC:

    1. DC has a great transportation system. The DC Metro is cheap, easy to navigate, and goes everywhere you want. Every venue I can think of is easily accessed by Metro. This means your guests won't have the hassle (and expense) of renting a car or driving or parking or even taking taxis if they don't want to. Take Metro instead.

    2. DC has a world-class restaurant scene. Foodies (and everyone else) can rejoice. DC boasts over 2,000 restaurants and offers everything from locavore dining to food trucks, international cuisine to outposts from famed American chefs like Todd English, Wolfgang Puck, and Eric Ripert. Every budget and every taste is accounted for, and everyone caters or has party rooms.

    3. Your guests will never get bored. With 108 museums, 88 libraries, dozens of monuments and memorials, 12 live theatres, five professional sports teams, and thousands of great stores and boutiques, there is a lot to do in DC. And most of the museums are free! From the National Gallery to the Air and Space Museum, from the Textile Museum to the International Spy Museum, the city offers a museum or activity for every taste and budget.

    4. DC is one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. There is no reason to have a car; everything is accessible by foot or by Metro.

    5. The architecture and landscape are beautiful. Pierre L’Enfant did an amazing job when he planned the city, making it an easy place to both walk and navigate. You’ll pass by beautiful buildings, lovely green spaces, and a monument or two. Visitors can stroll the Mall from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. The city also boasts the second highest acreage of parkland in the country. This city takes its beauty seriously.

    6. No one does events like DC. Whether it's a Presidential inauguration or museum gala, a wedding or a corporate retreat, DC can handle it with ease.

    7. DC is exciting. You know how some cities hum with excitement? That’s DC. It’s a power town with a pulse. That person sitting next to you at the bar may be a Congressman, or a reporter for the Washington Post, or a visiting dignitary. You never know.

    8. DC is an incredibly friendly town. This city runs on relationships, and when relationships matter, everyone is treated well.

    There you have it. The perfect place for an event does exist—it’s Washington, DC.

    About Mary Abbajay - Mary Abbajay is the co-founder of Careerstone Group, a professional development company that delivers leading-edge talent and management solutions to business, government, and individuals. She is the host of Clear Channel Radio’s “The Working Life” and “Women Talk” and a regular guest on News Channel 8’s “Let’s Talk Live.”

    She is the board chair-elect of Leadership Greater Washington and a former adjunct faculty member at George Mason University’s School of Management and a visiting instructor at the Georgetown University Center for Professional Development. Mary blogs at http://careerstonegroup.blogspot.com.