Adult Proms: Relive the Past While Making New Memories

    In the past few years, adult proms have been increasingly popular, especially across smaller towns and states. Whether it is being thrown by a bar, at a school, at an event venue, or with a small group of friends, adult proms are making a comeback and are almost always at full capacity. Often times, charities will throw adult proms to fundraise for a specific cause. So what exactly makes these adult proms so unique and why are they becoming so popular across the United States?

    Relive the Past

    If there is anything adults love to do, it's gathering with old friends and reminiscing about the past. Whether you had good or bad experiences that made you laugh or cry, talking about old high school dances, friends, and dates is comforting and invokes nostalgia, a time to reflect on all the changes you've been through since. This is why adult proms are gaining popularity. Not only do people get to reminisce and look back on their own memories, they get to relive them in the present. They get to put on fun dresses, wear corsages, and maybe even take a limo to the event venue and relive that iconic high school moment.

    Redo Your Past

    Maybe your prom didn't go as well as you wanted. Whether you arrived wearing the same dress as another girl, you didn't win prom queen, or you didn't land your dream date, maybe prom was not all it was hyped up to be. This is where your adult prom will make up for what was lacking years before. You will make new memories, perhaps erasing some old, with good friends and loved ones.

    Dress Up

    You can't deny that a good reason to go to adult proms is to dress up. Of course, as adults, people get to dress up more often than kids. Whether it is for weddings, business meetings, or dinner parties, adults are always getting the opportunity to dress up. But adult proms are a different type of dress-up. Adult prom dresses tend to recreate the look and feel of what prom was like ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. This is exciting because adults get to dig deep into their closet and perhaps wear their old prom dress. Other attendees even go shopping to find dresses that are "out there." So if you are going to an adult prom, be prepared to see a lot of 80s and 90s dresses. If you don't like the blast from the past sort of attire, don't worry. There are plenty of people who wear simple, trendy dresses as well.

    Make New Memories

    Most importantly, people attend adult proms to make new memories and have fun. The main difference between adult proms and high school proms is that at adult proms, everyone is older and can legally drink. They are also more likely to be parents and established in their career, and therefore need a night to just live in the moment, relive the past, and have fun.

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