Best and Worst Holiday Party Ideas

    Holidays are the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family for a fun party. Some holidays are completely appropriate for a get-together, and others: not so much. Here are our thoughts on a few of the best and worst ways to throw a holiday party, including tips to enhance your party as well as a few things to avoid in the planning process.

    No one’s too old for Halloween. Even adults can dress up in costumes and participate in classic Halloween traditions. (We wouldn't judge you if you wanted to go trick-or-treating!) If you're planning a Halloween party, fall themed treats and decorate your house with pumpkins and scary decorations! Tarot cards and fortunetellers can make your party extra interesting… try to spook your guests with what their future holds!

    What to avoid: An adult Halloween costume contest. At an adult Halloween party, who knows what people will dress up as. Rather than judging these costumes publicly in a costume contest, keep your thoughts to yourself. The bottom line is, the people at your party probably don't care too much about who has the "best" costume, so let them enjoy the party and see each other's costumes on their own while they enjoy your delicious halloween treats!

    Get in the spirit of the holidays by gathering all of your friends together for a winter holiday party. Deck the halls (of your house) in Christmas and Hanukkah lights and garlands, and make sure your tree is decorated! Serve Christmas cocktails and organize a Secret Santa for your guests!

    What to avoid: Christmas Caroling Karaoke. Whether you're throwing a corporate holiday party with your boss or a family holiday party with your Grandma, a Christmas caroling karaoke activity is probably not the best idea. If your guests have a few of your Christmas cocktails in them, or they just spontaneously decide to get their vocal chords pumping, they might decide to get up and sing in the spirit of Christmas: but this can only set them up for embarrassment the next morning!

    End the current year and start the new year with your closest friends and family at a New Years Eve bash! Celebrating New Years Eve is crucial: they say that the way you spend New Years Eve is the way you’ll spend the rest of the year! Pop some champagne and fire some poppers and fireworks at midnight: New Years Eve is one of the most exciting holidays to throw a party for, and there are tons of ways to make your New Years party spectacular!

    Be careful! Make sure that your television works! The most exciting part of New Years Eve is watching the ball drop in Times Square: you wouldn't want your guests to miss it due to technical difficulties!

    Over the years, Cinco de Mayo has become a popular holiday celebrated with Mexican traditions: it is a great time to get together with friends and enjoy the heat of the sun! Grab a piñata, serve margaritas and Coronas, prepare tacos and enchiladas, and throw on a bathing suit to dive in the pool or just catch a tan! There are tons of cool ways to host a Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

    Fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to fire up the barbeque and sit by the pool. Enjoy some red, white, and blue desserts, and get some American flag-themed giveaways and costumes for the guests! Make sure you get to watch fireworks: it’s a classic tradition! Since it's the middle of summer, outdoor event venues are a great choice for your Fourth of July party.

    Superbowl Sunday is a great excuse to throw a party together with the five F's: food, football, fun, family, and friends! Holiday or not, Superbowl Sunday is one of the most celebrated and popular holidays in this day and age. Cook up some chili and cornbread, and get all of your friends together to watch the football game.

    What not to plan: betting games among the people at your party. Let them do this on their own. Once your guests have a few drinks or just get in the mood to bet their cash, they might start to disagree with each other and argue to win each other's money. You don't want their empty wallet to be your responsibility for planning the activity! You want your party to bring people together, not create conflict among your guests.

    Steer Clear of Random Holiday Parties!

    Some holiday parties are absolutely essential, while others are simply unnecessary. If you really want to throw a party, it’s probably better to just invite friends over for a random get together than to try to celebrate a random holiday such as Columbus Day or Presidents Day. As much as you probably appreciate the fact that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and the Presidents have been great leaders to our country, it can be difficult to theme an entire party around these notable figures.

    Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate holidays and special events with loved ones and friends. It's difficult to use a holiday as your theme if there isn’t much to work with, so if you are in need of a party and there are no holidays around the corner, have an un-themed party with fun activities! What do you think? Have you been to any great or not-so-great holiday parties? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below or on Facebook and Twitter!