Building your Corporate Event Team

    In order to successfully plan for your company’s event, or on behalf of a company, a corporate event team is a great way to ensure a flourishing result. However, constructing an efficient team to oversee a multitude of details can be a difficult process. Don’t fret though! The key to building a great team is having members that are not only “team players”, but also are experts in the role that they are issued. 

    Every component of a corporate event can be broken down into a particular role for a person on your team. Assign people a role based on their expertise. We’ve broken down the main components of a corporate event into individual roles for you to build a great team.

    Venue Coordinator

    The venue coordinator is responsible for finding the perfect location for a corporate event. They are in charge of securing the venue, working through operational details, and keeping contact with the venues event coordinator. This role is considered the most important, because the person has to coordinate details with everyone on the team.

    Food & Beverage Director

    The food and beverage director is responsible for all catering needs. They are in charge of selecting and organizing all of the appropriate arrangements. Some of their tasks could include, but are not limited to: deciding the menu, working with the caterer, ensuring that all proper licensing exists, etc.

    Production Manager

    The production manager is responsible for the entertainment of the corporate event. Not only does the manager schedule the entertainment, but also, this role is responsible for taking care of any details concerning the entertainment. For example, the production manager takes care of technical issues, or equipment needs.

    Guest Services Coordinator

    The guest services coordinator is responsible for establishing a guest list, sending out invitations, and keeping track of RSVP’s. If the event requires traveling or hotel arrangements, then the guest services coordinator will arrange all necessary plans. Any needs that evolve from the guests of the event are taken care of by guest services.

    Financial Advisor

    The financial advisor develops a detailed budget for all of the components of the event. Although you would like to book an elegant mansion for your event, the budget allows you to spend your money more realistically. The advisor is responsible for keeping track of all expenses and incurred costs. In addition, the advisor needs to make sure that the budgets of the event are maintained.

    Remember –

     “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

    How has your experience with planning a corporate event team been? If you have any other tips or suggestions, we'd love to hear them! Feel free to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or by leaving a comment below!