Corporate Activities that Stave Off Spring Fever

    It's officially spring! Wasn't it just a beautiful day this morning? Birds were singing, the sun was shining, the sky was bright and blue… and you had to go to work. What a bummer. But you aren't alone; there are offices everywhere, full of people who have the misfortune of missing this lovely spring day. They’ll stare out their windows wistfully, push their work around their desks, and generally be the least productive version of themselves, because they've fallen victim to an inescapable (and scientifically-proven) condition we all know well: spring fever.

    Spring fever can wreck havoc on an office’s productivity, much to the dismay of bosses and team leaders everywhere (even those who are similarly afflicted). So how do you keep spring fever at bay as winter fades? It isn't easy, but there are a few simple tricks that will keep your office from losing momentum just because the flowers are blooming again.

    Open a Window: Something as simple as opening the office windows and letting a little fresh air in can really help when you’re trying to keep everyone on task. The sunlight and springtime sounds (like birds singing and wind blowing through the trees) will give your employees a little of the nature they’re craving, but doesn't totally remove them from the working environment. This way, everyone will be a little happier and motivated to work.

    Take a Walk: If an open window really isn't enough, some workers may opt to take a walk during the day. This is actually a great idea! Walking around in the open air, enjoying the coming of spring, can be a relaxing way to clear your head, and even help you see solutions to problems more quickly. Also, exercise – even something as minor as a leisurely walk around the block – is a great way to relieve stress and tension. After all, in a world where we sit in our cars, sit at our office chairs, sit on our couches, and then lay in our beds asleep, a little walking can do a lot of good.

    Celebrate Together: For those fun-loving offices that really can’t let a sunny day go to waste, early spring is the perfect time for a picnic, outdoor event, or any other corporate bonding activity that will really get the group excited about their jobs! Rent a beautiful villa for a company retreat, or host a mixer or corporate party at a fun and unique space like a ranch! Your team will love the light-hearted atmosphere that comes with an outdoor party, and be ready to work come Monday!

    What tricks do you use to stay focused when the outdoors are calling your name? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for more ways to make the most of the season!