Corporate Holiday Party - Tips for Finding the Right Caterer

    Food is always the highlight of the corporate holiday party! It’s a conversation piece, a fun way to spread holiday cheer, and a great way to impress your employees and clients. If you’re in charge of organizing catering for your company’s holiday party this year, then take your role seriously. But don’t worry; we are here to help!

    We've put together a list of tips that are essential for success. These pointers will not only decrease your stress level, but will also ensure that you receive praise all throughout the New Year!

    Tip #1: Define the type of event.

    What kind of event does the company want to host? A simple party with cocktails and finger foods, an extravagant seated dinner, or a generous buffet? Defining the style and atmosphere of the event will pinpoint a caterer that can best suit your needs. Caterers excel in particular areas. You don’t want to hire a chef that is known for finger foods, when you want to serve a seated dinner at a pristine mansion.

    Tip #2: Assess what kind of help you need:

    All caterers provide a different service level. Think about how you would like the food to be served and taken care of throughout the event. For example, would you like the caterer to provide attendants for the buffet, or have servers offer finger foods to guests?

    Tip #3: Look for creativity.

    You want the food of the event to be remembered. When looking for potential caterers search for unique presentation, or memorable menus. Everyone has been to a holiday event with raw veggies and dip! What if you could mold that veggie tray into an eye-catching creation? Find a caterer who will wow guests.

    Tip #4: Ask friends, family, & colleagues. 

    Seek out recommendations. Everyone has attended an event in which they have experienced amazing catering. A personal review will uncover specific details that are not normally voiced.

    Tip #5: Ask Venues.

    Call impressive venues. Especially ones where you've experienced exceptional service, or attended a great event at. Venues handle a multitude of different caterers on a daily basis. They know which caterers are great, average, and absolutely awful.

    What have your experiences with caterers been like? How did you decide on which caterer to go with? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!