Creative DIY Flower Arrangements

    Want to make your own flower arrangements but don't know how? No worries!  Check out these how-to's to create your very own arrangements that will wow your guests!

    Preparing Your Arrangement

    Follow these easy steps to create a traditional flower arrangement that can be displayed in the variety of ways that follow!


    Step 1: Prepare the flowers with the stem stripper to remove thorns and excess foliage.  Then place the stems underwater and use the stem cutter to cut the stems two inches from the bottom.

    Step 2: Now that your flowers are prepared, it is time to start assembling your centerpiece.  While holding the stems with one hand, gather four flowers of even height with the other.  Arrange the four into a square shape (this will be the center of the bouquet).  Then arrange flowers around the center four to create a dome.

    Step 3: Secure your arrangement with the floral tape.  To do so, tape the stems where they naturally meet; approximately three to four inches from the heads.

    Step 4: Measure your bouquet by holding it right side up next to the vase.  Trim the stems at an angle to the appropriate length.

    Step 5: Place your bouquet in the vase with water.  If the vase is clear, you can either allow the stems to fan out in the water or bind them with the tape for a clean look.

    Tip: Add a drop of bleach or lemon-lime to keep your flowers looking fresh!

    Now that you know how to prepare your flowers, make them unique with one of these ideas!

    A Splash of Lime


    Step 1: Prepare flowers and place them in the smaller vase. Set aside.

    Step 2: Thinly slice the limes, but not so thin that they are transparent.  Stick the lime slices around the sides of the larger vase (the juice from the fruit will help them stick and stay in place).

    Step 3: Place the smaller vase with the flowers into the larger vase.  If there is too much space between the two vases, insert a few more lime slice to conceal the gap and hide the seconde vase.

    Step 4: Add water in between the first and second vase to keep the limes stay fresh.

    Tip: Instead of using two vases, you can simply cover the bottom of the flowers with a bouquet liner to protect them from the lime juices.  This will allow you to use varying vase sizes instead of having to find two that fit.  You can also choose different flowers and various types of citrus.

    Cute as a Button


    Step 1: Fill the bottom of the larger vase with buttons, then insert the second vase on top.

    Step 2: Fill the space in between the two containers all the way to the top with buttons.

    Step 3: Pour water into the button-filled space and the smaller vase.

    Step 4: Arrange choice pick in the second vase.

    Asparagus-Wrapped Vase


    • Small Can or Vase
    • Choice Pick
    • 2 Thick Rubber Bands
    • About 1 lb. of Asparagus
    • Optional: Rafia

    Step 1: Place the two rubber bands around the can or vase.  Insert the asparagus one at a time around the container.

    Step 2: Fill three-quarters of the the vase or can with water followed by the prepared bouquet of choice pick.

    Step 3 (optional): Use raffia to conceal the rubberbands.

    Don't like the classic bouquet? Break away from tradition with this fun wine bottle arrangement!


    Step 1: Remove labels from wine bottles by soaking in hot water and then removing the excess with the adhesive remover.  Fill the bottles 3/4 full with room temperature water.

    Step 2: Prepare your flowers by trimming the ends with the floral knife and cutting the stems at an angle.  Be sure to leave the stems at a decent length to reach the water when they are placed in the wine bottle.

    Step 3: Arrange the flowers in the wine bottles.  Either use a variety of flowers in each bottle or fill each bottle with one type.  You can also stagger the heights by leaving space between each bloom.

    Step 4 (optional): Cut 4' lengths of ribbon (one per wine bottle).  With equal lengths on each side, wrap the ribbon from behind the bottle to the front.  At the front, twist the ribbon then wrap to the back and then around to the front again.  Once at the front, twist the ribbon and repeat (only twisting in the front) until the entire base is covered.  Knot the ribbon in the back to secure it in place.

    Tip: Cluster a few wine bottles together in order to create your unique centerpiece.

    Do you have any unique ideas for DIY flower arrangements or have you created a few of your own? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment here!