Event Inspiration: Summer Vacation Spots

    A great place to draw inspiration for your events are definitely you favorite vacation spots. Perfect for those of you having withdrawals from those amazing summer vacations , bringing the vacation or exotic culture to your next event can be both fun and easy. Here are a few of my favorite vacation spots turned into themes for your next event or dinner party!

    Dinner Party a la Paris

    They don't call it the city of love for no reason. All my love goes out to this beautiful city, in this Paris inspired dinner party idea. Start with the the perfect romantic location for your dinner party. Check out the Paris Club in Chicago. This classically inspired french bistro is the perfect place to start planning your next Paris inspired dinner party.

    Start with a location like the Paris Club and add little details through out the event inspired by the city of love. Start with a few delicate yet powerful centerpieces of red roses and peonies to add a little color to your event space. Continue the theme with an inspired menu. At the Paris Club, French Chef Jean Joho can lead the way and help you complete the evening with the perfect dishes for your guests. Continue to set the mood with the perfect musical stylings of Paris street performers as well as spreading out candles through out your event space.

    Barcelona Nights

    Whenever I think of summer, I think about summer nights spent in Barcelona. Just because summer is over,it does not mean the party has to end.

    Check out this beautiful event space in Miami Beach Florida, this gorgeous Spanish Estate Compound is perfect for your next Barcelona themed night.

    Barcelona is such a colorful and loud city that's all about a good party, so make sure to include that in your event as well. Don't be afraid to include lots of loud colors such as those seen above, bright blues, fresh greens and lots and lots of beautiful tiles art works. Skip those boring white dishes and look for something with a little more character, with bright blues, pinks and purples. Use different patterns to create interesting stories with your event table set up. Don't be afraid to incorporate outdoor spaces either by adding some festive lights, a live band and a few heat lamps, Barcelona may be close than you think!

    Share with us some of your favorite summer vacation spots or your take on summer vacation inspired events! Share with us below, leave a comment, or stop by our Facebook or Twitter page!