Fun and Unique Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in the Office

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and that means it’s time to get festive… everywhere you go. As we all know, the office is hardly exempt from celebrating the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you have to decorate with the traditional red-and-green Christmas theme. The same goes with celebrating the holidays around the office – unique ideas are sure to put everyone in the spirit of the season faster than the same old thing. Save the Christmas songs for the shopping malls, and check out some ideas, courtesy of your friends at Eventup, for celebrating at your office this year.

    Opt for Inclusivity: These days, there’s a lot more to celebrating the holidays at work than just putting up a tree. You have to take other holidays into account, so none of your employees wind up left out. Go with a “Winter Celebration” and avoid labeling the holidays altogether. Classic decorations in silver and white will give your office a festive feel without overwhelming employees, while still facilitating a pleasant work environment. Or, if you would like to focus more specifically on wintertime traditions, just make sure to include all the major holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa) in your office festivities. Ask your employees to bring something from their holiday décor into the office, or have a staff lunch featuring foods from your team’s various holiday meals. Making the season about your team, instead of what’s typical, will certainly make everyone happy to be working in the winter.

    Make it Personal: Budgets have been tight for everyone these days, and the holiday splurging can be a less than enjoyable experience for some. Don’t let your office parties and gift exchanges add to the frustration; instead, focus on simple, yet unique, gift giving ideas that will keep spirits high in the face of financial distress. Set a price ceiling (and make it something low, between ten and fifteen dollars) for office gifts, or encourage employees to bring in something homemade for their co-workers (but if they plan to bring food, of course, allergies must be taken into consideration). To keep the costs extra low, you can even engage in a holiday card exchange rather than a gift exchange; co-workers can bring in some simple holiday greeting cards for each other, or unleash their creative side with cute, homemade cards. Going in a simpler, more personal direction with gift giving is a unique way for employees to show their appreciation for one another.

    Don’t Forget the Families: The holiday season is a time for families to gather, regardless of what holiday you might be celebrating. So why not bring your work family and real family together for one big extravaganza? Hosting an office party for your employees and their families isn’t a foreign concept, of course, but there are plenty of ways to dress it up and make it fun for everyone. Make it an “Ugly Holiday Sweater” party, and encourage everyone to dress in those wild, brightly colored sweaters we’ve all come to see around this time of the year. Boldest sweater wins a prize – and everyone’s kids will love it! You can continue with an air of inclusivity and host a staff potluck. Ask everyone to bring in dishes from their typical holiday feast, and watch as everyone celebrates the season as well as each other’s culture. Bringing everyone together is a fast way to create a community, which will not only make for a fun party but will benefit your team the whole year round.

    Keep it Simple: For all of November and December (even sometimes as early as October), the holidays are all around us. We hear the music playing, see the lights twinkling and the oversized ornaments hanging over our heads everywhere we go. But the office, you must remember, is still a place of work. Ergo, it’s important to stick with a “less is more” attitude with holiday celebrations. Decorations and parties shouldn’t interfere with the work that has to get done (it might even be wise to host your holiday events at an outside venue).

    There are tons of ideas on how to celebrate the holidays in the office, but these should be a good starting point to kick off the Holidays at work! Let us know how you celebrate the Holidays in the office by leaving us a comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter.