Glamping Trends

    Summer is here, and that means more weekend camping trips. Or should I say, glamping trips? If you haven't heard about glamping, you are missing out. If you like the idea of camping, but aren't interested in really "roughing it," then glamping may be just for you. The concept of glamping is simple: glammed up camping on a grander scale. It's camping-chic! Below you will find some useful glamping trends, such as what to bring and what activities to do.

    An Ideal Setting

    If you have a large budget, you can look into multiple different camping sites that are perfect for glamping. For example, you can rent cabins, yurts, or simply a house near the woods, which are a lot more glamorous than spending the night in a tent. Glamping is all about making things easier, and cabins often offer the wonder of the outdoors without having to be affected by it. If you are looking for an affordable glamping night with your friends, you can always set up a tent, but fill it with the proper materials to make the trip worthwhile.

    Sleeping Materials

    Just like camping, sleeping materials for a glamping night is extremely necessary. If you do not have something comfortable to sleep in, your night full of glamming with your friends will not be as luxurious as you want it to be. Blow-up mattresses are definitely something to consider, especially if you will be staying in a tent as opposed to a cabin.

    Beauty Supplies

    It wouldn't be a glamping trip without some pampering. Whether it be face masks or manicure sets, beauty supplies are essential if you are planning a glamping trip. Try to jam-pack as many beauty rituals as you can in your night of glamming.

    Snacks & Drinks

    Since the idea of glamping is still half camping, you want to come prepared with snacks. Consider getting a list of your attendees favorite snacks and shop based on that. Whether you want sweets or if you are looking for a healthy weekend in the woods, getting an idea of what people want will point you in the right direction.

    Board Games

    Everybody loves board games but how often do we really get to play them? Bringing board games to your glamping trip may be the perfect entertainment for you and your guests.


    The great thing about glamping is that usually it's easier to bring music, especially if you're staying in a cabin with electricity. Whether you and your friends want to sing to your favorite pop songs or have mellow acoustic songs in the background, music will definitely set the tone to your glamping event.

    Have you ever been on a glamping trip? Tell us about it. What were some noticeable trends? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.