How to Turn Vintage Finds into Party Decorations

    If you’re looking to save some money on party decorations, why not revamp vintage furniture or thrift store finds? These are great options for party décor because they can be reused for multiple parties and become stylish additions to your home as well. Check out these creative ways to use and restyle vintage items.

    Animal Figurines

    Turn vintage animal figurines into interesting party props, like table decorations, seating cards, or funky party favors. You can spray paint them in a solid color, dip them in different colored paints, or outfit them with glitter for a more chic look. Or you can leave them as is and add some fun accessories to them, such as party hats or bowties. If you want to recycle your custom animal decorations, use them as quirky bookshelf and mantelpiece items.


    Vintage chandeliers make great party décor, even if you’re not using them for lighting. They are shabby chic decorations that can be hung anywhere (even outside) to accent your event. You can also decorate them to fit the party theme, like putting fake cobwebs on it for Halloween or hanging tinsel for New Year’s Eve.


    Repaint old vintage frames and use them as accents or photobooth props. For large bulky frames, you can hang them behind the dessert table with flowers like the ones shown above. Make a beautiful chalkboard sign out of it by putting a chalkboard slab inside. There’s also the option of hanging it from the ceiling (or tree if outdoors) and using it as a photobooth. For smaller frames, they can be grouped together to make a big backdrop decoration or fun photobooth. Separately, they can be used as small signage for the dessert table or as table number displays. You can also put small chalkboard slabs or mirrors inside them and use them as wall décor or cute tablets for interactive games.


    There are a lot of options for old suitcases. You can stack them to use them as a side table, convert them into comfy seats, or use the suitcase itself as a table display. To spice up their look, you can paintreupholster, or refurbish them to fit any theme.

    Cocktail Cart

    Make a stylish cocktail bar out of an old cart! Repainting a bright color and affixing new wheels is all you need to make your cocktail cart pop at your party. The cart can easily be reused at home too. For more tips, check out this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for restyling your cocktail cart.

    Cabinets, Tables, and Dressers

    Make use of these bulky furniture pieces as dessert displays. Repainting them in a pastels or bright colors has been all the rage recently (like this tutorial from My Fabuless Life), but pick a color that suits both your party and your home so that they can be reused. You can customize your display by taking off any doors or drawers and using the space for more display or putting decorations in them.

    What are some of your recycled party decorations? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!