It’s a Girl! Baby Shower Themes and D√©cor

    First things first: if you’re reading this article, there’s a pretty good chance that a lovely young lady is on her way into your life. Congratulations! She may be a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or godchild, but no matter your relationship, you and I both know she (and her mother) deserve a great baby shower! We’ve put together a few theme ideas for you to review, so read on and get inspired!

    Sugar and Spice: We all know that’s what girls are made of. So why not celebrate your arriving baby girl with a celebration of just what makes her so sweet? Decorate with bright colors reminiscent of something sweet (the Neapolitan color scheme above is practically mouth-watering), serve up plenty of deserts, and even have some available for your guests to take home. This theme is one that really gets everyone in the mood for a little bundle of sugar and spice and everything nice!

    Pretty in Pink: The color pink is a simple theme, so you can apply it everywhere – right down to the invitations and baby shower venue decorations! Pink is already synonymous with little girls, so your local craft or party supply store will already have most everything you’ll need in a variety of shades. Simply decide what kind of pink you’re looking for (coral vs. cotton candy or bubble gum vs. Barbie dream house) and stock up on decorations! Of course, you’ll want to incorporate an accent color into your theme, but the overall pink theme will really speak to the excitement of an arriving little girl.

    Happily Ever After: The literature buffs among us will really love this theme. Remember the books your parents read to you in your childhood? The fairy tales about princesses in far away castles and knights in shining armor sent off to save them? Well you can get a jump-start on the story telling for this little one, with a book/fairy tale themed shower. This theme is great for DIY lovers (check out those adorable mini-book decorations in the photo), and for mommies whose friends already have little ones; turn the party into a costumed event for the kids and celebrate your new princess with some future princess friends!

    Modernized Mommy: Not every new mom is looking to giggle over a three-tier diaper cake or guess how much she weighs (otherwise known as the worst baby shower game ever invented). Some mothers just want to relax, celebrate this big life change with their friends – even the male ones. And guess what? That is totally ok. After all, this party is as much about the mommy as it is about the baby. So find yourself a chic party space, order up some delicious catering, and relax with your friends! This unconventional party idea might seem more vague than the structured sort of theme, but this offers you the chance to really get creative and tailor the party for the guest of honor.

    Got any other ideas we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for all your party planning needs!