Make it a Girl's Night

    Tip #1: Figure out the evening’s theme and activities. Will it be more of a movie night/spa session or it will be more of a girl’s night out on the town. Whatever you do, make sure you turn it into a special occasion rather than just a last-minute soiree. Getting just the girls together for a night is a special occasion and it should be properly celebrated!

    Tip #2: Send out fun and feminine invitations. This is probably one of the only times you will be throwing a get together for strictly females so you might as well take advantage of it. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of sending snail mail invitations, there are plenty of adorable online e-vite options. Make sure to include the details of night’s activites as well as what guests should wear and bring. Invite friends who you know would enjoy an evening without men and don’t be afraid to invite a mixed group of girls.

    Tip #3: Pick out the music selection before guests arrive. The music sets the tone of the party and there are so many great options to choose from. Since it is girls only, have fun with the music and play upbeat pop. Tracks like Madonna’s Greatest hits or Flashback from the 80’s set a great mood. Don’t be afraid to add funny songs like “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot into the mix, it will cause a laugh and encourage people to dance.

    Tip #4: We all know how much girls love to eat, especially when there are no guys around. So stock up on yummy snack food like popcorn and other fun treats. You don’t need to go all out and cook a four-course meal to have a good time. Just get inexpensive, already prepared foods like chips and salsa.

    Tip #5: Along with the food make sure to have some great drink options, it is a celebration after all! Plan ahead and think of some simple cocktails you can prepare for the guests. Craft unique cocktails or even just make vodka punch. Be sure to have water and non-alcholic beverages for non-drinkers. Will people be staying the night? If so, coffee is a must!

    Tip #6: Games and activities are a must at any girl’s night. Once the drinks get flowing the ladies will have tons of fun playing silly games like Taboo and even charades. Make it a blast from the past and play old school favorites like Truth or Dare. This is an excellent opportunity to bond with new people and have a great time.

    Tip #7: Everyone loves to be pampered, and what better occasion is there than girl’s night?! Treat each other to relaxing spa remedies and have plenty of nail polish for a mani/pedis. Grab some basic natural ingredients and whip up a quick face mask. There are many DIY spa remedies that can be easily made and work wonders. Who cares if you’re over 20, you’re never too old for a silly makeover! Grab some inexpensive makeup at the drug store and encourage girls to take turns doing outrageous makeovers.

    Tip #8: Pick out some movies ahead of time and pop them in while guests are relaxing. Romantic comedies are an obvious choice, preferably oldies. Who doesn’t love Pretty in Pink or 16 Candles? Be sure to pick a movie that everyone agrees on and enjoy your down time with the ladies.

    Tip #9: Have some extra pillows and blankets out incase people decide to stay the night. Have food like eggs and toast ready to go in the morning. This is a polite gesture and signals that it is the guests time to make their way home.

    Tip #10: Have a fully charged camera! These are going to be memories you will want to remember and snapping some pictures is a great idea. Tell the guests ahead of time that none of the photos will be posted on Facebook or any other site, but they are just to have and remember what an awesome night it was. After the party, send guests an email with the photos. They will appreciate the sentimental gesture and love having the pictures to look back on.

    Do you have any other ideas for throwing a girl's night in? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment here!