Pros and Cons of Office Happy Hours

    Happy Hour is a great way for co-workers to kick-back and relax and take a second to enjoy one another outside the workplace whilst toasting and drinking libations. Although Happy Hour may seem like the best thing ever, there are also some negatives to consider and reasons why some of your employees are not in the mood to join in on the festivities. Here are some aspects of Happy Hour to consider and the pros and cons that go along with each:

    Getting Out of the Office Cons: If you have a million and one things to do and grabbing a drink just adds to the stress or if you just have had a downright negative experience at the place Happy Hour is being held Pros: This can be great if you’re all done with your work and you want to get to know the surrounding neighborhood to your office.

    Obligated to Attend Cons: If you hate socializing with employees at a personal level, if you have a million things to do, or if you just have somewhere to be at the time happy hour is being held. Pros: A great excuse to get out and enjoy yourself a little bit and give yourself time to process the project you have been stuck on all afternoon.

    Potentially Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Cons: If you don’ drink, or the fact that you have to watch your alcohol intake in order to ensure safe travels and to avoid embarrassment. Pros: Fun to socialize with employees over a casual drink and helps keep the conversation going.

    There is no Time Limit on Office Happy Hours Cons: Leaving can be awkward because you might have to come up with a reason as to why you have to leave. Pros: You can stay and socialize with employees as long as you would like.

    You Dislike One of your Co-Workers that is Attending Cons: You do not really like this person no matter how hard you try. Pros: Happy Hour might give you the opportunity to start fresh with one another. 

    You are Trying to Avoid Alcohol for Dietary Purposes Cons: It is really tempting to not order a beer. Pros: You can do it! Show everyone how disciplined you are!

    Overall it is important to realize that it is simply Happy Hour and although there may be some reasons you may not want to attend, Happy Hour’s purpose is to reward you for your hard work and to get out of the office and enjoy one another’s company in an adverse setting. Next time you get an invite to an office Happy Hour, think twice before you pass it up!

    Does your office often go to Happy Hours? What are some of the pros and cons you face when it comes to office Happy Hours? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!