Real Life Movie Themed Weddings That Can Inspire Yours

    Since the moment he popped the question and you said yes, you have been planning the special day that you get to say, “I do!” If you are planning a themed wedding, you have to go all out for it to work! An easy way to do this is to theme your wedding around a well-known or classic movie. How would it feel to be a part of one of your favorite movies on your special day that you will remember for the rest of your life? Don’t worry: you aren’t the first person to wonder this, and although it seems tough to pull off, a movie theme will make it easier to incorporate your theme into your catering, entertainment, decorations, and more! Eventup has found some real-life movie-themed weddings that can inspire yours.

    Up. It's a popular children’s movie, but it has great messages that can be applied to adult love and life. The two love birds pictured above wanted their wedding to be fun for all of their guests, so they were able to incorporate Up: one of the most colorful movies or all time! Everything was bursting with color and had a homemade touch: bouquets, balloons, and even the socks of the groomsmen. If your relationship is made up of color and fun, you can plan an Up themed wedding too! Decorate your party venue with colors and cute phrases, and show your guests your creative side with homemade treats and decorations.

    The Wizard of Oz. Follow the yellow brick road down the aisle! Literally. You can get married with the classic film about Dorothy and friends in mind! Send your guests a ticket to Oz as an invitation to your wedding venue, and decorate it like the city of Oz. Make sure that your band or D.J. plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at some point during the reception, maybe even for your first dance!

    Harry Potter. Most of your guests have probably read the books, seen the movies, or at least heard of the story of the infamous teenage wizard named Harry Potter. You have the chance to live like the wizards of Hogwarts on your special night. Send out invitations in the classic Harry Potter font to show your guests what your wedding is going to be all about. Decorate your event venue with wooden and antique furniture, give your guests utensils that look like wands, and make your menu a list of "potions." If you follow your theme and manage to keep it classy, your Harry Potter wedding is bound to be magical!

    The Great Gatsby. Throw a romantic, 1920s themed wedding with inspiration from the popular book and film, The Great Gatsby. Incorporate the glam and elegant trends of the time period into your dress and your bridesmaid's dresses. Most importantly, decorate like its the 1920s with fabulous centerpieces and table settings. Your guests will feel like flappers when they're sipping on a cocktail and enjoying your Great Gatsby atmosphere.

    Star Wars. If you and your fiance are major Star Wars fans or just love playing jedi-mind tricks on people, plan a Star Wars themed wedding! You can go sci-fi with your wedding, but you don't have to go over the top for it to work! However, if you really want to incorporate your theme, let your guests dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters! Your wedding will definitely be a night to remember.

    Themes are tough, and if you're going to plan your wedding around a theme, you have to go all out in order for it to work! Incorporate one of your favorite movies into everything about your wedding, and your guests will feel like they are the characters in the movie! What do you think? Have you attended any movie-inspired weddings or have any ideas for a great movie-inspired theme? Leave us a comment and let us know, or you can tell us on Facebook or Twitter!