Reasons to Tie the Knot in Philly!

    Philadelphia literally translated in Greek is “loving brother”, the city of brotherly love. With a name synonymous with love and a warm welcome, why wouldn’t you want to have your wedding here? Well if you’re not convinced, you are in luck! Philly (as we locals like to call it) has a lot more to offer than a name.

    A Variety of Venues
    This city is bursting with an incredible variety of venues. Whether you are searching for something city chic or earthy boho, Philly has what you need. There are amazing historical mansions, waterfront restaurants, modern city settings, and even rural venues. There is a Philadelphia wedding venue to fit any couples’ taste. Hold your event on a ship docked on the Delaware or drive 20 minutes outside the city center for an earthy affair in a greenhouse. The proximity of the city to the suburbs allows for an incredible assortment of venues for your wedding.

    Most Likely to Get Farm Fresh Ingredients
    Since Philly is located in Pennsylvania not far from rural farm areas, many of the amazing caterers use farm fresh products. One of the latest trends in weddings is to have organic or local ingredients served at your wedding. Philadelphia has the location and resources to serve these farm fresh products and more of the area caterers are following this green trend.

    Tri-State Location Adds Extra Bonus for Your Guests

    Speaking of… location, location, location, the City of Brotherly Love is nestled in the tri-state area near New York City, Atlantic City, and DC. Being so close to these other major metropolitan areas allows easy access to Philly for your guests. The many main highways, including 95, that run through the city and the close proximity to the Philadelphia airport will make it effortless for your guests to get there.

    If you are having out of town guests, they certainly won’t be bored! Philly is full of fun and exciting things to do around town. The city was one of the nation’s first capitals. Your guests can see a part of our country’s history at sites such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. If they interested in nightlife, there are tons of trendy bars and incredible restaurants to entertain them. Or perhaps they can catch a show at the Kimmel Center. If all else fails they can get a taste of Philly fare at the feuding cheesesteak joints Pat’s or Geno’s.

    Budget-Friendly City

    With this city also comes affordability.The variety of venues and caterers allows for brides on any budget. As previously mentioned, Philly is located close to other major cities such as NYC. However, compared to these nearby cities, Philadelphia weddings are significantly more inexpensive. In fact ABC News took a survey to find average wedding costs in major metropolitan areas, and found the average cost of a wedding in NYC is $65,824. In other close by areas like Long Island & New Jersey the average wedding was $40,000 to $50,000; whereas the average Philly wedding is $37,014.

    These are just a few of the many reasons why this city is the perfect place for your wedding. I may be biased but with all this in mind, Philly seems ideal to me!