Theme Party Ideas: Rock and Pop Stars

    Doing some brainstorming for theme party ideas? Here's a question for you: Who hasn't day dreamed about what it would be like to become a famous rock star? Almost everyone has, which is exactly why one of the best theme party ideas is a rock and pop star party! For one night only, transform yourself into your favorite music idol, from the outfit right down to the attitude. Here are some tips and tricks on how to throw an outrageous rock star theme party.


    If you do not have the design skills to create a custom invitation yourself, you can simply shop for rock star themed party invitations online. If it’s a birthday party, include how old they are turning (if appropriate), as well as whether or not gifts are expected. You’ll also want to make sure you print all the other relevant details such as the date, time, address, and costume requirements! Offer suggestions of iconic rock stars in case people have a hard time thinking of someone. Give people a name and number to contact if they have questions about your soirée. If you expect people to RSVP by a particular date, be sure to mention that in your invitation as well.


    Encourage your guests to come dressed as musicians who inspire them or make them laugh. What’s great about rock star theme parties is the costumes can span the decades, from current stars like Lady Gaga to legends like Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley. You may want to have a box full of black wigs and jean vests ready at the front door for the select few party poopers who decide to come without a costume.


    Deck out your event venue to make it look like the backstage of a concert. You could also make one area of your space look like a tour bus to really bring the theme home. Hang up concert posters and bring in some big speakers to use as corner tables. Better yet, make some VIP backstage pass lanyards to give to all your party guests as they walk through the door. You can also make a fun backdrop for people to take photographs like a banner for Radio City Music Hall. Get creative with this. You can put silver and gold paper stars to hang up, or musical notes, records, and posters, easily found at party supply stores, or look online at sites like Party Cheap. Whip out your old CD cases to use as coasters, too!


    Of course everyone looks forward to the food, and it's a great opportunity to further showcase your theme. Serve your food on record-shaped platters and include musical designs like the ones seen above. Here are some other rock star theme party ideas for what food to serve:

    Appetizers: Nachos, popcorn, cheese cubes
    Main Course: Rock shrimp, Rock star pork chops, chicken wings, pizza, fries
    Desserts: Rock star cupcakes, rock candy, rock star cookies, electric guitar shaped caked
    Drinks: Rockstar Energy Drinks, soda, lemonade, water, juice

    Another idea for desserts is to create candy bowls each with a different music theme. For example, fill one bowl with Hershey’s Kisses and label it “Heavy Metal.” For the “Pop Music” bowl, you could use lollipops and pop rocks, and for “Indie Rock” you could use rock-candy sticks.

    For adult beverages, serve “Rockin’ Cocktails” of your own invention. Perhaps some Jack and cherry coke, for example, or vodka and Rockstar with a splash of champagne.


    An eclectic music selection is definitely recommended for a rock star theme party. Mix it up throughout the night by playing music across genres, making a point to feature some of the rock stars your guests have emulated. You may even want to consider setting up a stage area in your event space with some guitars and drums to have your musically talented guests take a shot at playing some live tunes. Or if that’s a bit too much you could always resort to a classic Karaoke machine.

    If there are going to be small children at your party, make it fun for them as well and have them act as the fans of the bands. They can walk around asking for signatures and photographs of the famous musicians, or they can dress up as rock stars themselves.

    You could also have people vote on costumes, deciding who is best dressed, who looks the most like the star, and who has the most intricate costume. Once all the votes are in you can host a small awards ceremony to bring even more entertainment to the evening! Provide festive prizes for the winners, like a mix-CD or digital playlist of the party's tunes.

    Thank You Notes

    It’s always nice to send a little thank you note to all your party goers after the event. Just like the invitation, you can find great designs online, or even send just a simple notecard with a message like “Thanks for rocking out with me at my 35th birthday party,” with rock and roll decorations around the message.

    Who would you choose to be at a rock star or pop star themed party? What are your theme party ideas? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!

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