Top 5 Fall Floral Arrangement Ideas

    Everybody loves the seasons changing. What’s not to love about cooler weather, fall holidays, football, and gorgeous autumn leaves? If you're planning a fall party or event, spice up your event venue with some floral décor to celebrate the season! Fall floral arrangement ideas are practically endless. Whether you're planning a wedding or an intimate dinner party, you can use fall florals to create a truly stunning event space. Check out our top 5 fall floral arrangement ideas.

    Pumpkin Vase with Maple Leaves & Orange Roses

    This gorgeous floral arrangement includes a squash or pumpkin as the vase making it perfect for fall. Simply fill the squash with maple leaves, dark red gerbera daisies, apples, and orange roses. Finish it off with some twigs with dark green leaves on them. As a tip, place each pumpkin or squash on a wicker plate so the flowers can be easily transported to and from your event space.

    White, Gold, and Greens

    White, gold, and green come together in this flower arrangement, giving a refreshing twist on your typical fall bouquet. Get a round clay pot that is painted slate gray and fill with white peonies and roses mixed with white tulips. Then add in some gold plated leaves, gold bird decorations, and a few different types of green and brown twigs to complete the look. This elegant arrangement is ideal for a fall wedding.

    Twig Centerpiece with Red & Yellow Lilies

    For an amazing centerpiece idea, why not arrange your fall florals in a rustic square vase made of twigs? Add in some mini squash twigs, orange roses, and red and yellow lilies. You need the arrangement to look full, so add in some fillers like cranberry twigs, purple leaves, and antique cast iron accessories. This will really make the fall florals pop!

    Flower Pumpkins

    Flower pumpkins are such a great way to spruce up any entryway or hallway for fall events. To create this fun piece of décor, you’ll first want to buy pumpkins with the biggest stems so you can easily see the shape of the pumpkin. Then buy your favorite type of flower, real or fake, and load up your hot glue gun. Stick with flowers that are fat and wide, such as daisies or chrysanthemums so they will stick onto the pumpkin without too much trouble. Adhere the flowers to the pumpkin with the hot glue gun and let dry.

    Sunflower Wreath

    Looking for a fall floral arrangement you can use as a door wreath? Create a sunflower bouquet using large orange sunflowers. Gather them all together with a large ribbon and add some whispy weeds and greens to bring out the orange hues. This arrangement also looks beautiful as a wall floral arrangement inside.

    Which one of these fall floral arrangement ideas is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.