Trends in Events from Catch My Party: Candy Sushi Parties

    Every now and then we catch up with Jillian from Catch My Party, the ultimate DIY party resource, to talk about the latest trends in events, and Candy Sushi Parties are all the rage right now. Making candy sushi is a fun activity for kids to do together at birthday parties plus they can take home their masterpieces as a treat. It’s also inexpensive to buy the sushi and super easy to prepare the basics ahead of time so that you don’t have to fuss with it come party time. For a complete how-to on Candy Sushi Parties, read on!

    To start out, make a bunch of Rice Krispie treats; these will be the “rice” of your candy sushi. Rather than make them in the traditional thick squares, smash them down so they are in thin layers. Stack them on wax paper for the party to make it easy for the kids to start making their candy sushi. Depending on how many guests you plan on entertaining, you could even make the Rice Krispies during your party.

    Once the rice is made, you need a bunch of Twizzlers, gummy worms, Swedish Fish, and Fruit Roll-Ups. Pretty much any type of candy can work as the filling if you’re looking to mix it up. You could even take the birthday girl or boy to a candy store and have them pick out their favorite types of candy to use for the party.

    Use Fruit Roll-Ups as the seaweed wrap and the rest of the candy as the filling. Once it’s all rolled, you can cut the sushi into individual pieces just like they do at sushi restaurants. As a tip, make sure you don’t roll the rice more than once around the candy as you don’t want the sushi rolls to come out too thick.

    Make sure you help the kids create a variety of sushi rolls. For example, use the Swedish Fish to make Sashimi style sushi by laying it on a small square of Rice Krispie and wrapping it vertically across the fish. Also, create fun sushi-making stations by getting a bunch of tables and stocking them with different types of candy in an assortment of decorative bowls.

    If you can find fruit gummy wraps in all green it will really make them look like authentic sushi. On the other hand, having a variety of colors definitely brightens up the sweets and appeals to kids. Don’t forget to have individual plates and napkins so everyone can enjoy their tasty creations without making a mess of your event space.

    Want the candy sushi to double as your party favor? Pick up some goody bags that look like Japanese food take-out boxes and have your guests pick a few pieces of their favorite candy sushi to take home on their way out.

    Since candy sushi is the main focus of the party, you could even decorate to go along with the theme. Find some Japanese inspired décor like paper lanterns and string lights, bamboo plants, and wall scrolls. Deck out your tables and chairs with red, white, and black colors to create a complete Japanese sushi theme for your party.

    Stock your event venue with tons of beverages and healthy snacks so that your guests have something other than sugar to snack on. Make sure to take lots of photos throughout the day to capture the fun and creativity of your party. Post them up on Facebook and Pinterest and encourage your friends to collaborate on your group photo albums so everyone can see each other’s photos.

    What other suggestions do you have for candy sushi parties? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!