What Your Venue Preference Says About You

    Presented by EVENTup and Vivid Seats

    Each venue tells a different story. From classic to rustic, wide open, to filled with interesting pieces -- every venue is unique in its own way and so are the people that are drawn towards it. What might be interesting to you, might be a huge turn off to another. We teamed up with Vivid Seats, the largest online ticket marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets to concerts, sports, and theatre events nationwide, to dive into the different types of events held at our venues. Using their data, we came up with a few different ‘personas’ that fit the bill for each event space based on the types of ticketed events sold there and the venue’s rental information. Any of the venues are available for rental on EVENTup, just click through to see more information!

    MetLife Stadium: The High Roller

    MetLife Stadium is most known as the spot as home to both the New York Giants and New York Jets. However, it doubles as an event space for many different ticketed events. The venue is primarily known football but according to Vivid Seats, 25% of Metlife Stadium’s events include musical events/concerts… have you heard of Beyonc√©? She’s the type of big wig that performs at this spot.

    If you choose to have an event at Metlife Stadium you’re most likely either a die hard fan for one of the teams or hosting an amazingly unique corporate event. Not only can you have your event on the field itself, but there are multiple options ranging from an intimate dark wooded club lounge to a bustling and colorful field-side club. Greats like Bruce Springsteen, Eli Manning, and Beyonc√© have set foot in the stadium, so no matter what, hosting an event here is sure to leave your guests with their jaws on the floor.

    Whether you’re catching a Giants/Jets game, attending a concert, or throwing a corporate event at Metlife Stadium, it’s going to be a big deal, you high roller, you.

    SubCulture: The Non-Traditionalist

    Like the name suggests, this is an unexpected location for an event. This spot is great for someone who wants to both try something out of the ordinary but also make a big impression. Vivid Seats reported this venue almost exclusively plays home to ticketed events for rock concerts or comedy shows. This doesn’t come to much as a surprise as the space has such a gritty and eclectic feel that speaks for itself.

    SubCulture is an urban oasis hidden beneath the streets of New York. This venue is made for smaller private events, business meetings, and photo/film shoots. If you are bored of the traditional board room or clean white event space for your corporate event or looking for a venue with just the right amount of character for your best friends’ surprise 30th birthday party -- this is the spot for The Non-Traditionalist in you.

    The NOVO - AEG Live: The Young Innovator

    The NOVO is a unique and energetic space with turnkey planning capabilities. It is a one-stop-shop and perfect for receptions, theater performance, corporate meetings, galas, award shows, and the list goes on and on.

    We see a prominent tech company hosting their holiday party, an industry specific awards ceremony taking place, and according to ticket data from Vivid Seats, a young Hip Hop artist selling out their theatre space. That’s right, when we checked in with Vivid Seats, we learned that the most often occurring events at The NOVO are hip hop Concerts. This venue screams young and innovative, and we love that about it. Don’t let us keep going on and on, let the photos speak for themselves.

    The Hammerstein + The Grand: The Geotag Fiend

    No doubt that The Hammerstein and The Grand are full of history. These spaces combine a magnificent, century-old former opera house with fully integrated 21st century technology. This venue is huge. Perfect for large galas, networking events, and even a extremely large wedding.

    The elegant space features a hand painted ceiling, ornate woodwork, and three balconies with side boxes. The perfect mix of the past and the present translates into the type of events hosted at these spaces. Looking at the information from Vivid Seats, this venue plays home to events from Opera to Hip Hop, Comedy to the Ballet and everything in between.

    If you are choosing to have your event at The Hammerstein + The Grand, no matter who you are, it will be the perfect night for an instagrammable moment.

    Paley Center for Media: The Intellectual

    The Paley Center for Media examines the intersections between media and society. Designed by famed architect Richard Meier, the venue in Beverly Hills offers contemporary, distinctive spaces for all types of events, from cocktail receptions to press conference to formal dinners.

    Their event space options include the Danny Thomas Lobby & Bell Family Gallery, The Tinker Boardroom, Mitchell Theatre, Scheinberg Screening Room, and Scheinberg Green Room. People who have their event here will want to sip on cocktails and have a deep and meaningful conversation. According to Vivid Seats, not many concerts occur here as it is more for public speaking events, comedy shows, and other forms of theatre.

    Did you figure out which venue persona you are? If not, check out EVENTup to help find the perfect venue for you based on budget, location, and more.

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