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1 Jul 2022 | By Heather Apse

Warehouse Venues: Why their Versatility Creates a Perfect Party

Why is warehouse event space popular for parties?

They are eclectic and memorable.


Each warehouse has its own unique story. A testament to the past, these warehouses had been former working factories and storage houses. They processed and stored industrial, textile, apparel, and food and beverage products. These cool histories make for a nostalgic and conversational flair to your event. 


They offer vast, open floor plans.


Warehouses have an abundance of square footage and endless options to use that space. They accommodate unusual events and their high vaulted ceilings provide an expansive and grand appearance. Many of these warehouses have the flexibility to segment spaces as you need to make sure your party has a perfect flow. The space they provide is empty and you can define these spaces and fill them up with whatever you can imagine. 


Warehouses offer a modern-industrial and rustic atmosphere.

Warehouse space offers a great backdrop to your next party including polished concrete or old wooden floors as well as exposed brick walls. Their raw architectural details include wooden beams, old industrial equipment, exposed pipes, ductwork, and other unfinished elements. Oversized windows in these warehouses let in an abundance of natural light. These elements add lots of charm and provide a balance of a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance.


Warehouse on Watts, located in Philidelphia is a building that features exposed brick, natural wood flooring, exposed beams, large windows, and sights of the city. The perfect party setting!

They are very versatile.


No matter what type of party you are planning, a dinner party, a birthday bash, or a wedding, a warehouse can accommodate it. You control the flexible space and where to set up your tables, chairs, bar, food, dance floor, and whatever else you can imagine! Sometimes warehouses double as event spaces along with art or cultural centers. Unlike traditional venues, you may be able to bring in your own display items or decor to help set the scene for your event.  We’ve even seen storage houses bring in automobiles! 


Check out New York EventUp customer Chelsea Industrial and the grand parties you can hold there!






Cool urban location


Because of their purposeful history, warehouses are mostly located in city locations. This makes for great urban views and fewer noise restrictions. You will also have access to many party resources and vendors. For your guests, a city location may be ideal and provide an easier commute. In addition, an urban local has built-in culture and charm.


You can use the best vendors. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have the vision or resources to execute your warehouse party. Often, these venues provide help and resources to assist you in customizing your party. They can make recommendations from their list of preferred vendors (catering, bands, rental equipment, etc.) or even manage it all. Because generally, you are renting the space at a warehouse, you can choose from the best vendors around.


What types of events are great in a warehouse?

If you want a flexible space, a warehouse can be a wonderful backdrop for your memorable event of any kind including:


  • Engagements and weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Showers
  • Graduations
  • Dinner parties
  • Reunions
  • Musical performances
  • Pop-up shops/dinners/galleries
  • Fashion shows
  • Creative workshops
  • Corporate parties and meetings

Questions to ask your warehouse event manager


When planning your event, it is important to speak to the event manager at the warehouse to share your vision as well as to hear their expertise. Here are some questions to ask:


  • Will you or another manager or staff be on-site during the event? 
  • Are there photos of past events at the warehouse for inspiration?
  • What is included in the event fee?
  • What are the areas that can be used and what cannot be?
  • What is the available parking for guests and vendors?
  • Are the setup times and associated rates for transforming the space?
  • Do you have recommendations and contacts for outside vendors to help execute the event? (table and chair rentals, decor, a/v, catering, etc.)


Warehouse amenities


Because warehouses are often utilized for events, many come with modern amenities including:


  • Dining areas
  • Soft seating areas
  • Furniture
  • Full kitchens and equipment
  • Bars
  • Well-appointed bathrooms
  • Dance floors
  • Wi-Fi and A/V equipment
  • Special lighting
  • Decor
  • Smaller suites for dressing or prep 
  • Rooftop, porch, or patio spaces
  • Parking

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