What to Wear to a Corporate Pitch Event?

    When raising capital, pitching your grand corporate idea, or merely attending a pitch event, the last thing that you should worry about is what to wear. Although the rules of business attire have changed, a key guideline to stick by is “dress to impress”. Huge decisions are being made at pitch events. Dressing professionally will command attention, send the right message to other professionals, and give your inner self the feeling of importance. However, the key is to figure out whom your audience is, in order to know what to wear! Don’t worry; we’ve put together some outfits and tips for you.

    #1 Formal Basics

    Classic Pencil Skirt, Blazer, and Suit Pants. You can mix and match these pieces with accessories, jewelry, or a creative, fun hair style.

    #2 Bold Accent Pieces

    Spice up your look with bold accent pieces to leave an impression. Also, these pieces will make your look more fun, show your personality, and can tone down any outfit that is too formal. A colorful blouse or a silk scarf are simple items that will easily do the trick!

    #3 Jewelry

    Keep your jewelry simple and tasteful. Don't overwhelm your outfit with trendy, chunky jewels. Remember, your outfit is representing the company. Classic studs are the perfect earrings. They will not bother you throughout the event or get in the way. If you can't decide on jewelry, then don't wear any at all!

    #4 Simple Hair

    A prom up-do is not necessary. Style your hair into a sleek ponytail, a low bun or  simply wear it down. Whatever your choice, make sure that your hair is simple and will not get in the way.

    TIP: West & East Coast Pitch Events 

    It's important to make note of the venue location of the pitch event! West Coast venture capitalists tend to dress down a bit, so you can dress more business casual. However, you want to impress and continue to reflect the corporate culture. Pairing a suit jacket with jeans, a dress with a suit jacket, or a skirt with a fun blouse is a great outfit for the West Coast. In addition, add a pop of color to be remembered. The East Coast is more business formal, so don't forget to suit up! Remember if the pitch event is at a formal event venue, this should reflect in your attire.

    We want to know what you've worn in the past to corporate pitch events! Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!