Halloween Costume Party Themes

    T'is the season for Halloween! October is getting under way, and if you're planning a Halloween party, costume parties are quintessential Halloween. Instead of opting for a simple, traditional Halloween costume party, why not take a different twist on dressing up? Opt for a themed costume party so your guests can tailor their costume to your theme. Check out our themed costume party ideas below!

    Gatsby Party

    The Great Gatsby and the "roaring 20s" are an iconic time and classic party theme, perfect for a costume party. Flapper costumes are easily found at your local costume store, or try to create your own look with accessories like boas and headbands or scarfs, and suits, suspenders, and gangster hats for the boys. Look to the recent movie for inspiration to decorate your event space, using lots of gold, silver, and art deco designs. Don't forget the champagne! See our post on throwing a Gatsby party for more ideas.


    Everyone can remember their favorite superhero growing up, so why not turn your Halloween costume party into a superhero meetup? Costume stores always have a few superhero costumes lying around and are a great hit with kids. They also make for a colorful party! Decorate your event venue with colorful streamers and place fun signs on the walls that say "Kappow!" like these ones from Birthday Express.

    Disney Characters

    Another popular costume with the kids is Disney characters. Go with a classic like Snow White, or try a more modern hit like Merida from Brave. Disney characters also make great pair costumes because the princesses often have a prince to accompany them (Merida just needs her bow)! Have a DVD player playing Disney movies on rotation and put up posters of your favorite Disney hits to bring the party theme together. Check out our Disney theme party post for more ideas.

    Tim Burton Characters

    If you really want to get into the spooky Halloween spirit, then Tim Burton characters are a great option. With so many characters to choose from in his 28 films, there's a costume for everybody! The movies Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Alice and Wonderland are classic costume ideas that make for great ensemble pieces. Again, have some Tim Burton movies playing for inspiration and decorate your venue with wacky shapes and stripes that are often big motifs in his films. Classic Halloween decorations will also work with a Tim Burton costume party.

    What are some of your favorite costume party ideas? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!