Spice up this year's Halloween Party

    It's the month of All Hallow's Eve and it could not have come faster. Are you throwing or attending a Halloween party? Check out our Halloween party ideas for a little inspiration.

    First things first, The Venue

    The venue is often the first impression that guests get at a party. Venues set the tone for the entire event, therefor setting the tone for the evening.  The Hollywood Castle is a great example of a venue that will set the right mood for a classic Halloween party. 


    Get creative with your Invitations

    Use your party invitation to get people into the Halloween spirit! Rather than just create a glossy invite, why not take a little extra time and make invitations that are embellished with lace, glitter, and cobwebs? Your friends will love them and rather than just chucking them in the trash, they’ll probably keep the invite as decoration or scrapbook material. Just be sure you also include all the important facts on the invite such as the address of the event venue and the date and time of your party.

    Be unique with the Decorations

    It’s easy to go to a department store and load up on tacky Halloween party decorations. However, creating a spooky and sophisticated atmosphere can take a little bit more finesse. Rather than deck out your event space with paper streamers and balloons, think outside the box. For example, create fall floral arrangements for your dining tables and make a large autumn wreath to hang on the front door or to use as a hallway hanger. Your centerpieces can include other items beyond flowers like candles, squash, pumpkins, and wicker.

    Make your Food & Drinks stand out 

    If you love to bake, Halloween is a great excuse to bake up some creative treats for all your party guests. Think zombie brain cupcakes, spooky spider cookies, and bloody brownies. Balance out the sweets with salty snacks like chips and dip, sliders, and pretzels. You’ll also want to decide ahead of time whether or not you will be serving food at the party. If you want you could always come up with some simple menu items that require little prep and space, such as pesto pizza and soft-baked pretzels.

    For drinks, you’ll definitely want to have a main punch bowl which is great for larger parties. Try to find a witch’s cauldron to serve your punch. Also, consider crafting some specialty cocktails for the night. Get creative with the ingredients and add your own unique twist to classic drinks, then call them something that’s fitting for the Halloween theme. For example, turn a traditional cranberry vodka drink into a “bloody vampire bite” by adding fresh, slightly muddled blackberries and lemon juice.

    Don't wear the same old Costumes

    Most people just let everyone dress up however they want for Halloween parties, which is always fun. But if you feel like being different, you could make it a theme Halloween party. For example, make it a zombie theme party where everyone has to dress like a zombie. Or, make it a party where everyone has to dress as their favorite Hollywood villain.

    Rock the Entertainment

    Organize a costume contest for some easy entertainment. You could decide the winner by round of applause or actually have people vote on paper or with a mobile app. Another fun game for kids is the blindfolded touch-test game, where you get a bowl of cold spaghetti that acts as pretend maggots and everyone sticks their hand in it to guess what it is. Peeled Grapes can be witch’s eyeballs, and mango slices can be slimy slugs.

    What other fun Halloween party ideas do you have? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.