Last Minute Halloween Costumes

    Happy Halloween! The big day is finally here, and whether you are trick-or-treating with little ones, or hanging with the adults for some spooky cocktails and appetizers, you're going to need a costume! Some years it's hard to get inspired and find the time to put together an ensemble. In case you are still looking for a costume to wear this evening, we've got a few last minute Halloween costumes that will do the trick in no time.

    Self Portrait
    This one is super easy. Find an old picture frame around the house (the bigger the better) or at your local thrift store. Dress however you like and carry the picture frame around with you, capturing your self portrait! For something more complicated, try a famous painting like a Van Gogh or the Mona Lisa. Allot yourself a good amount of time for make-up!

    Grumpy Cat
    All you need for this one is a quick trip to a Halloween store for cat ears and some make-up. Simply paint your face in the style of any grumpy kitty! Be sure to dress in the shades of your chosen cat.

    Gangnam Style
    For those of you who love to dance, this pop culture classic is so easy, you may just have all the elements lying in your closet. To become the hit Korean pop superstar PSY, simply put on a black suit with a white shirt and slick your hair back with gel. Be sure you know the Gangnam Style dance to bring it all home!

    This toga costume is a classic and won't take any longer than five minutes. Simply grab a sheet from your linen closet and wrap yourself in it, creating a dress-like structure. Cinch with a woven belt and you are straight from Ancient Greece! Feel free to accessorize with gold accents or wreath hats!

    Identity Thief

    For this fun, play on words costume, all you need are name tags and a plain sweatshirt. Simply put different names on each name tag and stick them all over your shirt. Voila! Identity thief. You can make this costume interactive by giving people name tags throughout the night and stealing them.

    Do you have any last minute Halloween costumes you want to share? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.